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Nuvira Hair Growth Therapy offers a revolutionary new solution for hair loss in men and women. Here are just a few samples showing a variety of hair colors, textures, ethnicities and age groups. See more photos during your free evaluation. Our system has proven effective for thousands of satisfied customers.



"I've been using the Nuvira hair growth system for about four months. I initially just did the DNC serum and the DHT supplements and the shampoo, which I love, then recently added the cold laser therapy. I have been wearing a topper wig that covers my thinning hair crown, but now I I can get away with out it and my hair is considerably thicker already. I've had thinning hair for about six years. I am extremely pleased with the results of the Nuvira Hair therapy system and would recommend it to women who suffer from genetic hair loss." -Veronica Cote

"I am very pleased with the Nuvira office and staff. They are very friendly and understanding. It is a clean, comfortable and relaxing environment. When I receive my hair treatments, I relax with a book or catch up on my daily sports updates. I look forward to my bi-weekly visits. I am excited to have more hair again. Thank you Nuvira!"  -Aiden Chapparone

"Nuvira Hair system really works. Steve and Trish the owners of the company are compassionate, supportive and very professional. The salon is beautifully decorated, comfortable and discreet. Hair loss is very upsetting and embarrassing, you feel powerless and do not have many options, this non-surgical, non-invasive treatment is a blessing. Thank you Nuvira for helping me grow my own hair back!" -Chris Vassall

"It works for me! I am 62 and began experiencing hair thinning about four years ago. Attributing this to age and menopause, I thought I just had to live with it. Since I'm frequently at the Promenade Shopping Center, I noticed a new store that advertised "hair loss therapy". I was hesitant to walk in because anything new is very intimidating, but Trish and Steve Seeger were very knowledgeable and informative and I started my therapy immediately. It's been five months and I follow the treatment directions exactly. I have two laser sessions a week, take the supplements daily, and use the topical products, shampoo and conditioner. I have new hair growth on my temples and crown and my hair feels thicker and looks better than it ever did before. I couldn't be happier!" -Cindy Hughes

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