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Hair Loss Treatment in Scottsdale

Why does hair loss occur in men?

A man concerned about his hair loss in Scottsdale, AZ.There are two main contributors to male hair loss: genetics and dihydrotestosterone, or more commonly DHT. As a teen, there are large amounts of testosterone present in a man's body. As men age, an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converts this hormone into DHT, which depletes hair follicles. This is where genetics start to play their role.

A pie chart showing the percentage of men that experience hair loss.It is the hair follicle's resistance to DHT that is genetic. Depending upon each man's specific genes, DHT may slow down hair production, produce weaker hair, or stop hair growth altogether. But guys don't have to feel like they're alone. Most men experience some degree of hair loss and half experience significant loss. There are 40 million American men walking around with varying degrees of hair loss (also known as Alopecia).

Nuvira Hair Growth Therapy offers a revolutionary new solution to promote hair growth.

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