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Q: What is Nuvira?
A. Nuvira is a painless, non-surgical system which combines laser therapy, with topical and nutritional products to inhibit hair loss and promote hair growth.

Q: How does it work?
A. Nuvira cold laser maximizes hair growth by increasing blood flow, nutrient delivery and energy to the cells. Scientific research indicates that low level light energy stimulates cellular activity at the mitochondrial level and accelerates cell turnover which promotes growth of thicker, stronger, healthier looking hair.

Q: Who is a good candidate for Nuvira?  
A. Men and women of any age who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss are good candidates for Nuvira.

Q: Who is not a good candidate for Nuvira?  
A. A person whose hair follicles have died or whose hair loss is the result of disease, like lupus for example, may not be a candidate.  You will be told during the free evaluation if we do not think that you are likely to benefit from cold laser, or if we do not think that we can meet your expectations.

Q: Who administers the therapy?  
A. The laser therapy is administered by a laser rather than by a person.  You will sit comfortably in a private room underneath the laser while you watch television, read or just rest and relax.  No one will touch you or be present in the room while you relax under the laser.

Q: What does the laser feel like?    
A. The laser is painless, safe and has no known side effects.  Although it is referred to as cold laser, it does not make you feel cold.  It just means that it is not hot and does not heat the underlying tissue. Most people feel nothing at all.  A few people report feeling a pleasant tingling sensation on the scalp. Protective eyewear is provided and you should not look directly into a laser.

Q: When should I get started?
A. It is best to get started as soon as you notice that your hair is thinning.  We are born with all of the hair follicles we will ever have and lose some as we age.  You will never have more hair follicles than you have today.  Our goal is to keep your follicles alive and to increase the diameter of each living hair on your head so that your hair will become stronger and longer and provide better scalp coverage. You can only grow hair from living follicles so it is best to get started before valuable follicles are lost forever.

Q: How long does it take?
A. Sessions last 30 minutes and 1-2 sessions per week are recommended depending upon the severity of your hair loss.

Q: When will I notice results?
A. Individual results vary but it is typical to experience a noticeable decline in hair loss within 3 months and thicker growth within 6 months.  

Q: When will I be finished?
A. It is likely that you will elect to continue with a maintenance program to maintain your results.  At the conclusion of your in-store sessions, you may elect to visit the store as needed for maintenance, or purchase a hands-free laser device for use at home.

Q: Why choose Nuvira?
A. The Nuvira process is proven safe and effective. Nuvira was designed with your convenience and privacy in mind.  Abundant parking in front of the store and multiple lasers inside the store eliminate wait time for quick in and out service.  Store-front window graphics assure your privacy and private rooms protect your identity.

Q: How many products will I be required to buy?
A. You are in charge of your own program and none of our products is required.  Best results are achieved through consistent use of laser, topical products and nutritional products which each work differently to inhibit hair loss and promote hair growth.

Q: How much does Nuvira cost?
A. Nuvira laser sessions are sold in packages and range from $35-$45 per session depending upon how many sessions you purchase.  Nuvira products range from $15-$90.  You may preview our products by clicking on the Shop Nuvira button at the top of the page.  A regimen containing laser sessions and product will be recommended for you during your free consultation once we understand the nature and severity of your hair loss and your goals.  

Q: How can I pay?
A. Nuvira accepts check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and offers in-store payment plans with no credit check.

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